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Why are our Sensitive treatments so effective?

Sensitivity is the most complicated and difficult condition to treat - as we have to understand the clients’ lifestyle, home care products and treatment history to customise a suitable treatment. 

Our certified estheticans are well trained to handle sensitive skin with delicate care, using a special technique during extraction that will not leave the skin with redness or downtime after the treatment. 

 Choose from our Customers' favourites: 

Sensitive Skin Treatments

A regenerating treatment enriched with aloe vera to relieve traumatized skin. Well-formulated with Azulene, a derivative of Chamomile for anti-inflammatory benefits.

Duration: 90 mins (U.P. $298)

This treatment provides a soothing and desensitising action to increase skin resistance against environmental stress and uses a combination of plant extracts that activates micro-circulation of the skin, to increase cellular oxygenation and enhance nutrients absorption.

Duration: 90 mins (U.P. $250)

This treatment has water-binding ability to prevent future damage from moisture-loss and perpetuate continuous hydration and to ensure your skin’s vital natural moisturising factor (NMF) is retained, optimising skin’s energy level and vitality all day long.

Duration: 90 mins (U.P. $280)

Rosa C3

Best Desensitizing Facial



Best Strengthening Facial


Best Renewal Facial

Choose from our Customers' favourites: 
Acne Skin 

A professional treatment using exclusive active ingredients, combining the efficiency of a topical medication with exceptional cosmetic qualities, specially created for the treatment of acne skin and oily skin. 

Duration: 90 mins (U.P. $250)

This highly effective, soothing treatment calms redness and alleviates inflamed or sensitive skin. A natural ingredient collected by bees from Jura Mountains in France is applied to desensitise the skin’s surface and strengthen capillaries.

Duration: 90 mins (U.P. $298)

With the molecular nanotechnology, this rejuvenating treatment stimulates collagen and elastin production, refining the texture of aging and sagging skin.  Specially formulated natural ingredients impart a strong anti-bacterial effect, and accelerates healing of injured skin surfaces.

Duration: 90 mins (U.P. $280)

Nano Perfector

Best Smoothing Facial

Plantomer Soothing

Best Recovery Facial


Clear Up

Best Spot Control Facial

Why are our Acne treatments so effective?

Many acne treatments in the market are chemically harsh for the skin, which may lead to dryness and sensitivity. When the skin is fragile and weak, the acne recovery journey slows down. Alternatively, oral medication may be introduced with adverse side effects and is harmful to the body in the long run. 

At Caring skin, we believe in using plant-based, all natural ingredients to treat acne as it is gentle toward the skin yet able to effectively deliver good results - treating both the inner and outer layers of the skin. Our gentle treatments are safe to perform on a long-term basis as maintenance.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are tiny light bulbs that emit non-thermal specific wavelength of visible light. It is a safe and non-invasive method that combines a wider range of LED wavelengths to stimulate the skins natural repair and rejuvenation process. Improves skin radiance and glow, normalises cellular imbalances and reduces redness.

Pay Online now and Receive a free 

LED Light Therapy (worth $188)

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I have been to Caring Skin for 4 sessions and many people have already told me that my skin has improved a lot!

I have sensitive skin and I often break out after extractions at other facial centres.

I did the Sensivita Plus treatment for my first trial and I was pleasantly surprised that there was no redness or irritation the next day!

Zoey Teo

It was only my 2nd session with them at Bedok, yet, i am already feeling assured that my face will be better by the days.

I had severe acne, sensitive and dry skin before. Tried many other places but none worked.

I came to CaringSkin to give myself another chance, and im glad i made that decision.

Nadia Sams

I was suffering from hormonal breakouts and was desperate to find a facial spa in Singapore. Typically these places are pushy and hard sell but I’ve been super impressed with Caring Skin. I’ve seen significant results in just one facial - my breakouts have stopped and my skin has tremendously stabilise. Now in my 3rd session, I use minimal concealer and feel a lot more confident about my skin. Recommend this to anyone who is serious about their skin health.

Fidah Rashid

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Finally, a facial spa that uses technology to determine what your skin needs.

Here's what to expect


Accuracy in treatment solutions


See an instant improvement in just 1 session

Caring Skin is delighted to be the One and Only Facial Spa in Singapore to offer VISIA Skin Analysis, commonly used by aesthetic doctors 

this is how it benefits you:

Our experts will tailor a skin care journey for you and work hand in hand with you to meet your long term skin goals! 

We compare this information with the skin condition of people around your age

Your own unique complexion profile is generated by VISIA, identifying your TRUE skin concerns

Areas of Concern

  • Wrinkles
  • Spots
  • Texture
  • UV Spots
  • Brown Spots
  • Red Areas (sensitivity)
  • Pores
  • Porphyrins (black and white heads)

Indulge in a customised facial based on your unique VISIA skin profile

When it comes to your skin, we do not make assumptions

the trusted facial spa by entrepreneurs and influencers










Established in 2013, Caring Skin facial spa combines plant-based ingredients with cutting-edge technology targeting the ever-changing skin concerns of both men and women. Our therapeutic treatments are carried out with ease and professionalism by Caring Skin’s team of well-trained and experienced estheticians. 

We are located here:

Caring Skin at Orchard

360 Orchard Road,

#07-07A International Building,

Singapore 238869

+(65) 6737 7797

Caring Skin at Bedok Point

799 New Upper Changi Road,

#03-25/26, Singapore 467351

+(65) 6241 1711

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday

11:00 am to 1:00 pm, 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

10:00am to 8:00pm

Pay online now $98 (U.P. $298) 

& Receive FREE LED Light Therapy (Worth $188)!

Preferred Outlet
Preferred Date & Time for Appt
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*Our customer representative will contact you for confirmation of appointment

**Please present proof of payment during appointment